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Thiet Le

Mortgage Agent

I have been in the mortgage industry since 2016. My background was in Business Accounting. With my Accounting education I am able to use my knowledge and implement it into analyzing mortgage situations. I always strive to do an outstanding job. I have expert knowledge and a passion for the mortgage industry that drives me to deliver the best results possible. the best service with care, integrity to as many people who are in need of mortgage solutions
'I am so happy I found Thiet. Trying to remortgage during a pandemic is like pulling the impossible especially when your financial situation doesn't look promising. But Thiet pulled off a miracle and made it work. I am so amazed by Thiet's meticulous work. She's very dedicated and hard working. It's very stressful to refinance but if I had any questions or concerns she was always available even during her off time. She also provided constant updates. Thiet's financial background and kind caring nature is definitely a mortgage broker I would highly recommend. When my renewal is up I will absolutely continue to use her amazing service. Thank you Thiet!'
Ngan L.

Thiet Le

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