5 Year Fixed 2.09%

5 Year Variable 1.50%

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Management Team

Andrew MalheiroMortgage Broker / Manager of Operations

Ottawa Sales Team

Derek ArtichukMortgage Agent

Vince Adams, PFPMortgage Agent

Alexia FerdinandMortgage Agent

Jennifer AndersonMortgage Broker / Team Hapke

Andria McKeown-Burnie, CFPMortgage Agent

Amy CathcartMortgage Agent

Anisa LancioneMortgage Broker

Ashley MaiorinoAdministrative Assistant / Mortgage Agent

Atallah SadakaMortgage Agent

David AndreMortgage Agent

Jeffrey Adams, AMPMortgage Agent


Andrew BearssMortgage Agent

Antonios "Tony" GeorgiouMortgage Agent

Ottawa Valley

Jennifer AustinMortgage Agent

Sales Support Team

Jennifer AndersonMortgage Broker / Team Hapke

Andrea-Michelle RozonAssociate to Vince Adams