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Melissa Doxey

Mortgage Agent- L 1 / Leader, Cust. & Broker Exp.

A Mortgage Agent is an essential part of the mortgage process. Whether you are purchasing a home, refinancing an existing property, or looking for options as your mortgage term comes to an end, my only focus is your best interest. After spending over 15 years at mortgage brokerages and one of the major banks, my experience and expertise put me in a great position to assist with the ins and outs of the mortgage financing process.

As a Mortgage Agent, I have the power to negotiate with our vast network of lenders to give you access to an extensive range of products along with great rates, all while saving you time. By handling the details of the mortgage approval process, I want to help you identify what is important to you and then provide you with solutions to best match your criteria.

Mortgages are so much more than just an interest rate. It is my job to help you understand the facets of a mortgage such as pre-payment privileges, penalty calculations, fees, charges, and walking you through the process of approval, documentation, and funding.  

Call me today to discuss your goals and see what options are available to you.

Melissa Doxey

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