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Management Team

Michael HapkeMortgage Broker/President and Founding Partner

Frank NapolitanoMortgage Agent / Founding Partner

Sheri CreeseMortgage Broker / Vice President Sales & Service

Diane LoweManager, Sales Support Team

Terri-Lyn MasonDirector of Finance

Andrew MalheiroMortgage Broker / Manager of Operations

Kerri MartinManager, HR and Compensation

Regional Partners

Murray GroenMortgage Broker / Regional Partner - Orleans

Rachel ClermontMortgage Broker / Regional Partner - Orleans

Ottawa Sales Team

Derek ArtichukMortgage Agent

Darren Keck, AMPMortgage Agent

Lisa Belanger, BAMortgage Broker

Dorothy Smith, AMPMortgage Broker

Kim Powell-Steele, AMPMortgage Broker

  • 613-798-8080 ext 222
  • 613-913-2618
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Daren SedoreMortgage Agent

Barb KramerMortgage Agent / Team Napolitano

Karen Lemieux, B.ComMortgage Agent

Cathy Macdonald, CFPMortgage Agent

Leo Maiorino, BAMortgage Agent

Scott Hunter, AMPMortgage Agent

Vince Adams, PFPMortgage Agent

Alexia FerdinandMortgage Agent

Michel CyrMortgage Agent

Josie MourtosMortgage Agent

Tracey Enright, AMPMortgage Agent

Zeena NejarMortgage Agent

  • 613-798-8080 ext 226
  • 613-884-8157
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Karen McLeishMortgage Agent

Paula WhiteMortgage Agent / Team Artichuk

Jennifer AndersonMortgage Broker / Team Hapke

Kyle MillerMortgage Agent

  • 613-798-8080 ext 4
  • 613-863-1979
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Scott LafrangeMortgage Agent

Tom Moore, BSc., MBAMortgage Agent

Bob Verdon, BAMortgage Agent

Christine EarleMortgage Agent

James LeitchMortgage Agent

Rose Di FazioMortgage Agent

Robert BordenMortgage Broker

Jocelyn CramptonMortgage Agent

Jason RolstonMortgage Broker

Victor NeuspielMortgage Agent

Dan KarpinskiMortgage Agent

Josh Gray, BA, PFPMortgage Agent

Sue MaloneyMortgage Agent

  • 613-798-8080 ext 5
  • 613-324-9030
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Karen YoungsMortgage Agent / Underwriter

Jackie GrinnellMortgage Agent

Jason DashnayMortgage Agent

Jeanette Oliver, AMPClient Care Manager, Team Belanger/Mortgage Agent

Kimberley BarresiMortgage Agent

Lama Sayed-AliMortgage Agent / Funding Specialist

Andria McKeown-Burnie, CFPMortgage Agent

Brian CorkMortgage Agent

Dan MawsonMortgage Agent

Darren WalkerMortgage Agent

Fiad Pancham, PFPMortgage Agent

Fiorella De GraziaMortgage Agent

Jay KingsburyMortgage Agent

Pamela AdamsonMortgage Agent

Renelle HartMortgage Agent

Sally LitzMortgage Agent

Sarah LevineMortgage Agent

Sue McIntyreMortgage Agent

Amy CathcartMortgage Agent

Anisa LancioneMortgage Broker

Ashley MaiorinoAdministrative Assistant / Mortgage Agent

Atallah SadakaMortgage Agent

Brent BabcockMortgage Agent

Chelsey PhilipMortgage Agent

Daniel BissexMortgage Agent

Denise BarrMortgage Agent

Eric EnderMortgage Agent

Farzeen KaraMortgage Agent

Greg ExtenceTeam Napolitano Associate

Jeannie PhillipsMortgage Agent

Jeffrey Adams, AMPMortgage Agent

Jenny MathieuAdministrator to Jason Dashnay

Julie LeducMortgage Agent

Katrina NapolitanoMortgage Agent

Lianna NapolitanoMortgage Agent

Luca GuercioMortgage Agent

Lynn Fournelle-Clare, AMPMortgage Broker

Mark Loebach, CFP, CLU, ChFC, CHS, FMAMortgage Agent

Michael PolitoMortgage Agent

Paul SpadacciniMortgage Agent

Rachel ClermontMortgage Broker / Regional Partner - Orleans

Reni McNeilMortgage Agent

Sam Himyary, B.Sc., CFPMortgage Agent

Sandi WilliamsonMortgage Agent / Underwriter

Thiet LeMortgage Agent

Tina SuMortgage Agent

Tom BurrowMortgage Agent

Tony CookMortgage Agent


Harry SzutoMortgage Agent

Marcia McLeodAdministrative Support

Andrew BearssMortgage Agent

Antonios "Tony" GeorgiouMortgage Agent

David ConnorsMortgage Agent

Denis FournierMortgage Agent

Erin MacDonellMortgage Agent

Jen SoucyMortgage Agent

Kulothungan SachithananthamMortgage Agent

Murray GroenMortgage Broker / Regional Partner - Orleans

Rachel ClermontMortgage Broker / Regional Partner - Orleans


Chantal Rook, AMPMortgage Agent

Ottawa Valley

Jennifer AustinMortgage Agent

Laura CarrollMortgage Agent

Sales Support Team

Barb KramerMortgage Agent / Team Napolitano

Jennifer AndersonMortgage Broker / Team Hapke

Paula WhiteMortgage Agent / Team Artichuk

Kay KohliAdministrative Support

Jennifer PuglieseAdministrative Support

Lama Sayed-AliMortgage Agent / Funding Specialist

Caitlin VirtueAssistant to Josh Gray

Heinrich de RidderSST - Fulfillment Specialist

Isabelle ValliantSales & Marketing Coordinator

Karen YoungsMortgage Agent / Underwriter

Kathy FindlaySales Support Team

Patricia Mayemba-ShabaniSST - Fulfillment Specialist

Sandi WilliamsonMortgage Agent / Underwriter