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Peter Betnaza

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The world has changed, we bank online, trade stocks online, and we can apply for mortgages online too. Even though doing these transactions online offers convenience, it is still nice to have a real person to speak to, ask questions, and get answers from. I became and Mortgage Agent because I enjoy meeting new people and providing excellent service. Working with me you will have access to excellent rates with over 25 lenders, each with multiple products to fit your needs. Mortgage Brokers Ottawa is Canada's largest brokerage by volume and many lenders give us promotional offers not available anywhere else.

Working with me you should expect: 1) to get the best rate possible, 2) to get the mortgage terms that work for you, and 3) to get outstanding personal service.

To create a mortgage application click Apply with Peter, enter your information, and give consent to review your credit rating. Once I understand the financial elements of your file and the value of your property, I can start telling your story to the right lender that best suits your criteria, financial profile, and goals.

I draw on over 20 years of business experience understanding client needs, providing responsive and resourceful service, and exceeding expectations. If you have a question about a mortgage and want to ask a real person call me at 613.252.8225.

I look forward to meeting you.

Peter Betnaza

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