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Open House - The Real Estate & Mortgage Show: April 24th, 2021

Open House - The Real Estate & Mortgage Show: April 24th, 2021

Date Posted: April 24, 2021

The housing market in Ottawa is now stronger year-over-year than in 2019, as we enter the latest phase of reopening during Covid-19.  As we start to move into the fall many lenders are still offering historically low interest rates at Mortgage Brokers Ottawa.

The tight housing supply and historically low interest rates continue to drive bidding wars for properties in Ottawa.  Listings are climbing higher than they have in the past year. There are currently 1838 listings, 1100 being residential and 338 being condos. There are less listings in the main areas such as Orleans, Kanata, etc. and more in the outskirts of the city.

The fixed interest rate market continues to be at all-time lows, as well as variable interest rates.  Variable interest rates are low and likely to remain low for quite some time.  As such, it is a great time to reach out to your Mortgage Broker and secure a mortgage Pre-Approval.  By locking in an interest rate for 120 days you are securing a rate in this low rate environment.

Having a trusted Realtor and Mortgage Broker during these fast-changing times is essential in making informed decisions.

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